Threads: a new game-changing opportunity for brands!

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Threads: a new game-changing opportunity for brands!

In 2019, Mark Zuckerberg's company, Meta, which owns the social media platforms Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, developed a "beta" version of a new application.

In July 2023, the spotlight is on Threads! This new version shines with new features that will take your communication experience to the next level.

Are you ready for a revolution in how you connect with the digital world? Keep reading our article and explore this new platform that has captured millions of users since its launch.

What is it?

This new digital platform is a direct competitor to Twitter, enabling free text conversations among subscribers and communities to discuss various topics. Essentially, it resembles a text-focused version of Instagram.

The excitement that accompanies the launch of a new platform is already well-known, but in this case, it has exceeded all expectations.

Did you know that within a week, the new application reached the unthinkable number of 100 million subscribers?

This sets the stage for the countless possibilities that this new channel can offer to brands, even though the introduction of advertising is not planned… at least for now!

Unveil the secrets of this new platform

  • You need an Instagram account to access Threads;
  • It makes it easy to share text updates with close friends on Instagram;
  • Posts can be shared with a maximum of 500 characters;
  • It has a conversation section for engaging in public discussions with others;
  • You can share photos with close friends on Instagram, as well as links and videos up to 5 minutes long;
  • You can reply, repost, and quote other users' posts;
  • It doesn't support Stories or Reels;
  • It can be accessed not only through the app but also via the browser;
  • It includes GIF content;
  • It is not yet available in Europe.

Is this a new opportunity for brands?

Major brands we know, with thousands of followers across various social platforms, have already embraced Threads.

The strategy is simple yet effective: encourage users to engage in conversation, share thoughts on a topic, or participate in a poll. A simple question like "Followers, how's your day going?” can generate significant interaction and, consequently, build a community that supports the brand.

But it's not just well-known brands investing their time in Threads. Lesser-known brands also have promising potential on this new social network, where they can promote small challenges to their followers in exchange for vouchers or other types of rewards. The goal is always to create a buzz and presence in the minds of users, who will naturally spread the brand's name, reaching a broader organic audience.

Considering the uncertain future of Twitter, Threads emerges as another alternative for businesses, highlighted by the fact that a large number of influencers have migrated to the new platform. Brands will have another opportunity to generate online buzz and, consequently, in the minds of thousands and thousands of followers.

However, not everything is as straightforward as it seems. Contrary to expectations, Meta's new network will have to increase its advertising presence in the future. Additionally, it will have to deal with the fact that it is not yet, or rather, cannot be available in Europe due to European data protection regulations. Europe is too significant a market to be excluded from this project; however, many users can bypass this limitation and access the platform through VPNs.

Have you ever wondered how brands will strike a balance between being present on the platform and engaging the audience authentically?

There's no doubt that Threads is shaking up the digital world, gaining more prominence by the day. This new challenge presented to brands underscores the importance of staying consistently updated in the digital realm, with the aim of providing the best value proposition to our customers.

And you, are you ready to explore this innovative space?

One thing is certain: being here is a crucial step, and we can assure you of that! 💥

Author: Filipe Simões, Intern in Marketing Technician Training - WTC (Workplace Training in Context)

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