From scroll to conversion: decoding the essential metrics

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From scroll to conversion: decoding the essential metrics

For those who deal with social media management on a daily basis, an ill-fitting analysis is like navigating a sea of uncertainties, unsure if desired outcomes are being achieved. However, with the constant changes in the digital world, from relentless algorithms to shifting consumer behaviors, do metrics from the past still hold relevance today?

In this article, we delve into this transformation, from the days when follower count dictated success, to the present, where engagement and tangible conversions take center stage. Don't miss out on this journey!

The new frontier of social media success

Remember the days when follower was the ultimate marker as the indicator of success on social media? And likes? Ah, how those metrics used to be hailed as the pillars of online recognition! However, here's the truth we didn't fully acknowledge at the time: those numbers don't always tell the whole story.

While a surge in followers may seem impressive at first glance, this metric doesn't truly reflect the essence of interaction. Likes, known as a measure of "vanity," may offer a positive perspective, but do they truly represent the value of your content?

Meaningful Connections

In today's digital landscape, quality reigns supreme over quantity, and engagement serves as a crucial metric in any social media strategy. While likes hold significance, metrics such as shares and "saves" take precedence in gauging user involvement.

Paying attention to engagement is key to understanding what is captivating or disinteresting your audience in your posts. This metric functions as a vital compass, directing your content strategy and aiding in content selection. When it comes to videos, it's essential to scrutinize views and shares alongside "saves," as they assume a pivotal role.

Just imagine: instead of hundreds of empty likes, having dozens of genuine comments and enthusiastic shares. It's every social media manager's dream! After all, the true value lies not in quantity but in the quality of audience interaction.

Maximize reach, gain relevance

In recent times, social media algorithms have proven to be quite the enigma.  Constantly updated, what works today may not work tomorrow, making it challenging to reach your target audience with the right content.

We've just mentioned on a fundamental point in this process: interactions. They breathe life into your platforms and create genuine connections among users. However, there's another equally crucial aspect to consider: without a good reach, the most valuable interactions risk going unnoticed. It's not enough to just create quality content; you also need to know how to get it to your target audience.

So, you already know that this is a critical metric for measuring the success of your posts. But how can you use this data to your advantage? Imagine you're a small local business and you share a photo of your latest product on your Facebook page. By analyzing the reach of that post, you discover that it reached thousands of people. This indicates that your message is reaching a significant audience, which can result in more potential customers getting to know your store. With this insight, you can adjust your marketing strategies, perhaps investing more in visual content or promoting your posts to further increase reach.

But here's a small disclaimer, which shouldn't be news to you - expanding reach is not an easy task. It requires a strategic and creative approach. You need to produce content that is naturally shareable, that sparks interest and is relevant to your audience, encouraging them to share it with friends.

Let's discuss conversions?

On social media, every scroll presents a business opportunity. This is undoubtedly a turning point. For companies aiming to boost sales or leads through social platforms, overlooking conversion rates is a misstep.

Imagine this scenario: a user is scrolling through your feed and suddenly comes across a post from your company. They read the content, become intrigued, and decide to click on the link to learn more. Here lies the essence of the true value of conversions. Now, let's suppose your company has launched a new service and decided to promote it on social media. You've posted the content and included a direct link to the purchase page on your website. The result? Every time someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, there's another conversion moment.

However, there's a crucial point in this process you can't overlook: understanding your target audience's journey. As you know, conversions are much more than mere transactions. They tell a story, a journey unfolding before consumers' eyes. Every click, every interaction, every share is a crucial piece in that path.

As you gain a deeper understanding of user behavior, you can refine your strategies, making each touchpoint more effective and impactful. Understanding consumers' desires and needs allows you to create engaging experiences that inspire them throughout their entire buying journey.

As you likely know, in the intricate ecosystem of social media, every scroll, click, and interaction is more than just a fleeting action - it's an opportunity to build connections, generate business and leave a lasting impact.

As algorithms evolve and users navigate a vast and ever-changing ocean of content, it's crucial to adapt, innovate, and continually refine conversion strategies.

Count on us to unlock the potential of your social media! 😉

Author: Andreia Faria - Copywriter

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