Paula Mendes
Paula Mendes

5 Graphic Design Trends to watch out for in 2023

The world of graphic design is not watertight, it is constantly changing, especially due to the rapid technological and social transformation happening a bit all over the world. 

Stay tuned, because in this blog post, you'll discover 5 graphic design trends you can't miss this year. Read on and dive into the world of graphic design in 2023!

If 2022 was marked by creativity and pragmatism, 2023 is undoubtedly the year of intentional expressiveness in design

We can expect more boldness, extravagant colors, and more advanced technologies in various design styles and personalities. These new digital design trends will bring new life and a more striking personality to your favorite brands, giving a boost to both web and print visual art styles.

Trend 1: The future of graphic design goes through AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a novelty in our lives, but the year 2023 has left in store for designers a new way of working. The biggest change in the world of graphic design is, without a doubt, the way designs will be made.

Plugins and other tools have always been part of the everyday life of graphic designers, but with many reservations regarding their full potential. Tools like Figma have helped democratize the use of plugins, and now the software is used for much more than what it was pre-designed for. Applications such as Runway, have made content that could previously take hours of expert work to design, available in minutes. Tools like Cavalry already allow the procedural and node-based design to be created without the need for expensive 3D software. In addition to these tools, we could not fail to mention Midjourney. This AI-based tool allows any user, with or without design knowledge, to create incredible and realistic digital images in a matter of minutes.

AI will undoubtedly be an impressive support to elevate the work of graphic designers, but it will also impose new challenges on them that they must be prepared to face!

Trend 2: In 2023, we follow a new paradigm – More is More

The shift from Gen Y (Millennials) to Gen Z has had a profound impact on the design world. The minimalism that marked the visual communication of our favorite brands in recent years is now giving way to "maximalism". More and more designers are opting for more chaotic approaches to visual expression.

This new concept mixes analogue and digital techniques, confronting color and photo overlays with expressive type and illustrations, integrating multiple design styles, in a futuristic way.

Trend 3: Consumers want MORE authentic designs and brands

Nowadays, with easy access to all kinds of information online, brands can no longer look at their audiences as uninformed people. Consumers demand more from brands, they look for aspects that convey credibility and trust in their products and services and the way they make them.

One way for brands to gain the trust of their audiences is through the creation of authentic, high-quality images and videos. Instead of using staged images and artificial content, designers should opt for creating authentic and compelling visual images that convey more sensations than just the need to buy. Consumers want to create personal connections and feel emotions. Only by arousing these feelings will brands gain more and more followers.

Beyond their visual image, brands that prioritize conveying a transparent and honest message are winning the hearts and choices of consumers. One example to be inspired by is Patagonia. This brand is known for its commitment to transparency and sustainability, and in all its visual content it seeks to show the manufacturing process of its products and promote the sharing of feedback from its customers to improve its operations.

Trend 4: Eco-conscious design

The new generations' concern for sustainability and protecting our planet has promoted a positive impact and wake-up call in the way brands communicate and develop their products. The world has woken up to the huge contribution that the digital industry has on our ecological footprint. 

By 2023, sustainability will undoubtedly mark the world of graphic design with the growing awareness of the environmental impact of consumer goods and packaging. Many designers are already looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using more sustainable materials in their work, less intense colors in packaging development, and opting for more minimalist designs.

This trend will continue to grow as more and more brands and designers recognize the importance of creating eco-friendly products and packaging.

Trend 5: Metaverse

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg launched the Metaverse, it has been central to discussions about technology and digital design, and this is already seen as one of the biggest tech trends for this year.

To create immersive experiences with brands, designers must be able to combine physical and digital environments, through AI, AR, VR, and IRL. These areas are evolving incredibly fast and to stay one step ahead of the competition you should explore more about this new universe.

The Metaverse also offers great opportunities for brands, who can use this technology to add value to their offering and consistency to their identity. By 2023, it is predicted that there will be more references to metaverse culture in projects such as game-inspired 3D illustrations or AI avatars. 

If you haven't dived into this new digital world yet, we seriously advise you to find out a little more about what this game developed by the founder of Facebook has to offer.

The forecasts for 2023 couldn't be more encouraging, at least when it comes to graphic design.

The new trends that will mark the industry promise to bring incredibly creative designs full of color, boldness, and reality. If you work as a graphic designer, keep abreast of these new concepts to create fresh, modern and visually striking designs. 

We're looking forward to the color palette that 2023 will bring to liven up our online communication!

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