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Google Partner: What is it and why choose a partner agency?
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Google Partner certification for agencies generates many benefits, and these are based on three main areas: Education and Statistics, Access and Technical Support, and Recognition and Awards.

What is the Partners Program?

Google Partner is a marketing program aimed at advertising agencies or third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or companies. The Google Partners Program is active in over 60 countries and is available in 43 languages.

Vitamina. renewed its Google Partner status for 2021, thus acknowledging its good work in managing Google Ads campaigns.

This seal of quality and qualifications awarded by Google brings numerous advantages, both for agencies and for their clients. However, to obtain this certification it’s necessary to fulfill certain requirements.

What are the requirements to be a Google Partner?

  • Configure and display effectively and optimally Google Ads campaigns in order to achieve the best results for customers. The manager account registered with Google Partners must have a minimum optimization score of 70%;
  • Minimum advertising investment of USD 10,000 (approx. €8482) in the last 90 days;
  • Prove the knowledge of the strategists, namely by passing the Skillshop Google certification exams.

What are the benefits of working with a Google Partner?

  • Exclusive support, with personalized service;
  • Constant updating of knowledge, through exclusive trainings;
  • Initial contractual discounts for your customers;
  • Guaranteed a good performance of the ads.

If your goal is to boost your business and your company appears in the first results of the search engine, work with a Google Partner agency.

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Written by: Rita Pereira

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