5 e-mail marketing strategies to win over your audience

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Paula Mendes
Paula Mendes

5 e-mail marketing strategies to win over your audience

Email marketing remains one of the most effective and most undervalued strategies in creating long-lasting relationships with consumers. 

Despite several statistics showing that this strategy is responsible for one of the highest ROIs (Return on Investment), many companies still do not give it the value it deserves. Does this profile fit your company? 🤔

With a well-defined strategy, email marketing allows you to achieve very significant results, but also to create a deep connection with your customers. In a world full of competition, that's something your brand should strive for. 

Throughout this article, we will explore 5 email marketing strategies that you should start implementing in your company or brand, as well as some practical examples that will help you better understand their application. So don't stop here, follow us until the end of the article!

1 - A well-segmented audience is half the battle

Having a database full of contacts is very important, but we can accurately say that knowing how to segment it is much more relevant. 

You should segment your contact list based on specific criteria so that you can send relevant and personalized messages to your audience. You can do this segmentation by location, interests, purchase history, or even specific behaviors on the website.

For example, if you have an online clothing store, you can send emails with exclusive promotions on women's clothing only to that gender.

2 - In the digital world, promptness is an advantage

Email automation is another strategy that can bring very positive results for your company. This tool allows you to send messages automatically based on specific actions that your subscribers take.

For example, it has certainly happened to you to place some items you were thinking of buying in the shopping cart of a website and not complete the purchase. After a few minutes you receive an email, "Psssst... I think you forgot something!”, you get curious, open the email, and actually remember that you haven't completed the purchase yet. This strategy increases the chances that your potential customer will come back to the site and finish the purchase.

3 - Grabbing attention is key to success

Every day we receive dozens or even hundreds of emails with advertising, and many pass us by completely. 

Therefore, it is essential that you create short, relevant, and intriguing subjects that arouse your subscriber's curiosity to know more. The first level is always the hardest to overcome. Once the email is opened, the user is receptive to what you have to communicate.

For example, you need to launch a summer campaign about your sunscreens, which will have an incredible promotion. Instead of writing "Summer Sale", a title that is not very catchy and easily ignored, try something like "Do you want to have radiant skin?". 😎✨", a short question that goes straight to the users' needs and adds an emoji or two to catch the eye among dozens of text-only subjects.

4 - We all like to feel important

Once you have achieved the most difficult thing, getting the user to open your email, you must ensure that the content you have to offer is relevant and reflects their needs and interests.

You can and should personalize your emails by taking into account information you have about each of your subscribers, such as starting the email by directly addressing the person's name, purchase history, special birthday offers, or identified preferences. In addition, you can include exclusive content such as tutorials, tips, and special offers.

For example, you can use the information about your customer's birthday to send them a congratulatory email. In that same email, you can include a gift voucher with a special discount to celebrate the day and also communicate some first-hand news that makes him feel special and relevant to your brand.

5 - Say what you want, clearly and directly

A clear and direct CTA (call-to-action) is essential for your subscribers to take the action you want. 

Use action verbs like "Buy Now", "Explore Further" or "Subscribe" and position the CTA in a prominent place, visible on both mobile and desktop devices, to increase click-through rates and conversions.

For example, you can create a sense of urgency in your subscribers by encouraging immediate action. To do this, you can add elements to your CTA such as: countdown to a special promotion that is about to expire or highlight an offer limited to a certain period. These actions create a sense of urgency in the user and motivate them to act promptly.

Now that you've explored a bit more about the benefits of using email marketing strategies in digital communication, do you feel ready to start applying them to your brand? 

Studies show that most consumers prefer to receive marketing communications through email, compared to other channels such as social media or online ads. Therefore, it is crucial that you use the 5 strategies we share to start seeing positive results in your digital communication.

Don't forget to analyze the results, perform A/B tests and adjust your strategy based on your subscribers' feedback. Email marketing is a powerful tool, but the secret to success is listening to your audience.

Take every opportunity to create impactful and relevant communication through email marketing. 

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