Digital materialisation of a brand: Main obstacles and recommended solutions

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The business world is shifting gears

Covid has accelerated the growth of the internet. Cloud-based software, services, and solutions are now a staple in our personal and professional life.

Still, many companies, especially B2B ones, have lagged behind due to a series of reasons. They relied heavily on in-person events and personal networking to communicate products and services.

The new paradigm shows that it is also possible to effectively communicate using the internet and acquire new clients even in the most traditional B2B sectors.

To accomplish that, companies should take a deep look into their marketing strategies and assess their brand recognition in order to understand if they’re up to the challenge.

Based on our collective experience at Vitamina. these are some of the main obstacles that brands need to tackle.

Problem: Missing logo manual

Is your logo readable? Is it easy to use on your social media properties? Is it accompanied by unnecessary text like slogans and other mottos?

In many cases, companies do not have a logo book that defines the logo usage including horizontal and vertical or positive and negative versions.

The absence of a coherent framework to use a brand’s logo is a major obstacle to building a coherent presence in the digital world.

Solution: Update your brand and design a logo book.

Problem: Missing brand book

Having a logo manual is quintessential for you and others to properly use your brand but in many cases, that’s not enough. Modern brands also rely on accurate brand books.

This is a document that defines the brand's universe and besides the logo, it gives guidance about your brand tone of voice, iconography, illustrations, colors, typography, and many other visual and conceptual elements.

It’s very hard to build a website from scratch without this document as it increases the number of interactions between client and agency, making the process less effective and therefore more costly in time… and money.

Solution: Make the creation of a brand book a priority.

Problem: Absence of proprietary photography and footage.

It’s nearly impossible to build a modern website without quality content, namely images, illustrations, and video.

The alternative is to use stock photography but that carries a series of potential problems, being the most obvious to display the same images as your competitors on your website, for instance.

In order to build a cracking institutional website, you should have photos and videos of:

  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Main projects
  • Main stakeholders (people)

Solution: Commission the production of video and photography of your people, facilities, and products.

You need eggs to make an omelet

Vitamina. can help you build a world class brand: be it to redesign your logo, manage your social media properties, define a proper strategy to acquire new clients, or build a lightning fast responsive website. Give us a call.

Written by: Sérgio Abreu

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