Animated Display Ads: captivate attention, inspire action

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Animated Display Ads: captivate attention, inspire action

Are you ready to unlock the potential of animated ads?

In a digital landscape flooded with information, standing out is crucial for brand visibility. Animated ads on the Display Network excel in this space, not only capturing attention but also etching a memorable impression.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore practical examples from campaigns carried out with the Castelbel brand. Keep reading!

The key to be remembered

Consumer preference for visual and animated content is not just a passing trend, but rather a valuable insight that reveals how engaging and appealing this format can be.

By integrating this approach, brands not only gain visibility, but are also remembered in a dynamic and ever-evolving advertising landscape.

Every movement, every animation, contributes to a visual narrative that is etched in the minds of consumers, highlighting the brand in a unique way.

However, the question arises: does this strategy always make sense?

Visual impact right away

When it comes to impact, animated ads prove to be undisputed protagonists on Google's Display Network. In an environment where attention is contested every second, these ads stand out as a strategic choice, capable of engaging and capturing the target audience.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Visual movement instantly captures users' attention, standing out amidst a sea of static content.
  • They empower narratives with dynamic storytelling, effortlessly delivering profound messages in an accessible way.
  • The ability to showcase promotions and offers, in a visually appealing way, enhances the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • They are more flexible in the adaptation to different screen sizes and formats, ensuring a consistent experience across different devices.
  • Visual movement facilitates information retention, contributing to a longer-lasting recall of conveyed messages.
  • They are perceived as more modern and innovative, contributing to the establishment of a contemporary brand image.
  • They allow for A/B testing with constantly evolving visual elements, facilitating continuous optimization for improved performance.

Let's discover the example of Castelbel...

Vibrant ads have proven highly effective in various scenarios, and our campaigns for Castelbel stand as vivid and successful instances of this accomplishment.

Discover key moments when choosing this format has been a wise choice:

  • Black Friday: in themed campaigns like Black Friday, Animated Ads have proven to be highly effective. Using the header format (970px by 90px), we were able to highlight key products with dynamic animations, present visually impactful promotions and incorporate a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button.
  • Christmas: in seasonal campaigns, such as Christmas, Animated Ads in the rectangle format (336px by 280px) created an immersive environment through animated GIFs of the products. This format has proven effective in conveying visually appealing messages.
  • Example of Tiles Campaign: when promoting specific collections, like Tiles, the skyscraper format (300px by 600px) with lifestyle image animations and clear copy has proven to be highly effective. The animation of the copy  "Tiles" has contributed to reinforce the collection's identity, while strategically positioned call-to-action (CTA) encouraged collection viewing.

The showcased campaigns delivered outstanding results, boasting a Click-Through Rate (CTR) surpassing 10% in top-of-the-funnel initiatives. This underscores the clear efficacy of these engaging animated ads.

In the Black Friday, Tiles, and Christmas Times campaigns, the adopted strategy reached nearly 1 million people. Besides, the Cost Per Click (CPC) was 2 cents below the average, indicating not only an in-depth reach, but also effective cost management.

Choosing between static and animated: What makes sense?

While animated ads have numerous advantages, it is essential to recognize situations in which this format may not be the most suitable choice for your campaigns.

Consider some important factors:

  • If you're on a tight schedule or have limited resources, the complexity of producing Animated Ads can be an obstacle. This format often requires more time, specialized design skills and financial investment.
  • If your target audience shows a clear preference for static content or if the nature of your product/service doesn't align with visual dynamism, it might be wiser to opt for traditional ads.
  • The animation can compromise the user experience, with slower loading times due to larger file sizes. This can lead to frustration, especially on slower internet connections. In such cases, it is recommended to reconsider this format.
  • If your message is straightforward and doesn't require the visual complexity offered by Animated Ads, choosing static ads may be more effective and to the point.
  • If you're operating on a limited budget, creating Animated Ads can be more expensive than more simple options. Always evaluate the return on investment before opting for this format.
  • In cases where your brand follows a more conservative approach in branding and image, the adoption of Animated Ads may be perceived as inconsistent with the established visual identity.
  • If there is evidence or feedback indicating a significant aversion from your target audience to animated ads, it is prudent to respect user preferences and choose more acceptable formats.

The decision to adopt or avoid animated ads for the Display network should be tailored to the specific needs of each campaign.

Carefully assess the goals, target audience, campaign context and available resources before embarking on the visual journey of advertisements.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of this strategy, are you ready to boost the next campaign?

Don't forget that, in many cases, the key to a truly effective strategy lies in a balanced approach, integrating diverse formats!

Contact us for a dose of innovation and results! 😊

Autor: Sofia Leite, Copywriter

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