Marina Costa
Marina Costa

At Vitamina., we can say we are now on a “first-name basis” with webinars. We have organized and communicated this type of event.

At Vitamina., we can say we are now on a “first-name basis” with Webinars. We have organized and communicated this type of events for clients such as Saint-Gobain, Flowinn or Amorim Cork Composites several times.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a Webinar is a seminar or workshop that is broadcast live online. There is always a host who organizes the event and who invites the speakers. And what is the main advantage of this model? Both the speakers and the host can be anywhere in the world! Naturally, the pandemic has given these types of events an enormous boost.

However, sometimes, some companies struggle with the fact that they prepare fantastic online events, but ... no one seems to show up.

How can we ensure that people are really present in our Webinar?

There are some tips that we can follow to let our audience know about the Webinar, get excited about it, and really participate!

1. Choose an attractive topic that leads to action

This is an essential point. If the theme of the Webinar is boring and of little interest to the audience we want to attract, it is evident that hardly anyone will be willing to go to the Webinar. This does not mean that we should choose a topic that is too broad. The idea is to provide advice that people can follow and apply after the event.

2. Define objectives

In order to measure the success of your Webinar, the best plan would be to define real goals for the number of participants. The webinar can work to increase brand awareness or to generate conversions, for example. At that point, you must also define goals and KPI’s, so you can measure its success.

3. Choose the ideal day and date

It may seem like an obvious tip, but the truth is that the day and time of the Webinar is essential to its success. For example, on weekends there is less available for this type of event. The ideal is to experiment and see the schedule that works best for your audience. You must pay attention to the needs of the participants and even the time where they are.

4. Create an informative landing page

You should also build a clear, objective, and concise landing page for potential participants to be aware of the most important points of the Webinar. Thus, it must answer the questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? It is on this landing page, with a personalized form, that those interested in the Webinar will be able to register.

5. Interact with participants via email

As interested parties sign up on the landing page, you should send them a thank you email. This way they know that their registration is guaranteed. In addition, you must ensure that they don’t forget about the event - there are many people who register well in advance. You can put a Call To Action in the email, for example, to ensure that participants add the event to the calendar. You can also send emails two weeks, one week, and even the day before so that participants do not forget the Webinar.

6. Communicate the Webinar on social networks

You can and should schedule posts that inform your audience about the Webinar. By doing so, you reach a wider audience and lead interested parties to the landing page you created for that purpose. With the date approaching, the frequency of publications on the topic should increase. You can also encourage speakers to share publications so that the message reaches more interested people.

7. Don't be afraid to use Paid Media

If you have a budget that allows you, you can use Paid Media to increase the audience for your webinar. You can opt for Google Ads text ads and optimize them for terms related to the event's theme. Another option is to advertise some of your publications on social media.

8. Choose the best tool to ensure a good experience

Even if the webinar is interesting, well promoted, and has a lot of support, everything can be in vain if the tool where it is promoted does not meet expectations. There are currently several tools that guarantee a good experience, namely Loom, GoToWebinar, or even Webinar.

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